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Bond 2014 Streets and Parks Map

  Map Legend
  Proposition 1: Street Reconstruction
  Proposition 2: Street Improvements
  Proposition 3: Sale of City Park Land
  Note: Click on the colored Bond 2014 locations for more information about each item. 

Bond 2014 Propositions 1, 2 and 3 Information

Proposition 3 Question & Answers

Q: Is the jetty connected with Breakwater Park?
A: Not for purposes of Proposition 3 and the sale of Breakwater Park property. 

Q: If the jetty is connected with Breakwater Park, what is the process to disconnect it if we 
     want the jetty to remain separate from the park?
A: The sale of portions of Breakwater Park will not include any portion of the jetty. The 
     description of the jetty will be excluded from the description of the park property to be 
     sold, and will not be conveyed in the sale.

Q: If the jetty is not connected with Breakwater Park, how can this information be 
     communicated more effectively throughout the community to ensure that the jetty is not 
     sold with Breakwater Park?
A: Proposition 3 authorizes the sale of park land, or portions of park land, at each park 
     location listed. At Breakwater Park there is a jetty or physical breakwater that extends 
     out into Corpus Christi Bay. That breakwater or jetty WILL NOT be part of any sale of 
     property, and can be considered separate and apart from the parkland at Breakwater 
     Park. The jetty will remain as is.

Election 2014 

For information regarding the 2014 General and Special Elections visit the City Secretary's Election Central page.

Corpus Christi Sample Ballot

Nueces County Sample Master Ballot

Property Tax Calculator 

To compute your city portion of your property taxes click here.

City Ordinance for Propositions 1, 2 and 3

Fully executed city ordinances for Bond 2014 are available here.

Bond 2014 Proposition 1 and 2 Project List

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