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Bond 2014 Information is now online, click here to view.

Welcome to Engineering Services

I'd like to take a minute to welcome you to the newly designed webpage for the City of Corpus Christi's Engineering Services Department. Over the past couple of years, we have made some significant changes to our processes and the way we do business. You will see all these improvements throughout our website. Through the redevelopment of our page, you will also be able to navigate around our pages a little easier and get the information timely released to you.

We are also working on getting a quarterly newsletter sent out to all subscribers, so we can keep you updated on the most recent projects that are going on around the City. Click here to get signed up today if you haven't already done so!

Don't forget you can also find us on Facebook and Twitter.

Natasha Fudge, P.E.
Acting Director of Capital Programs

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Latest Updates:

Updated September 24, 2014

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