Packery Channel


Packery Channel was once a closed natural tidal inlet located in the southeast corner of Corpus Christi Bay at the North Padre Island/Mustang Island boundary. The channel connected Corpus Christi Bay to the Gulf of Mexico prior to the 1912 dredging of the 12 foot deep Aransas Pass Inlet at Port Aransas. Although the channel from the Highway 361 bridge to the Gulf Intracoastal Waterway was navigable, the approximately 3,000 foot section of the channel remained closed from the late 1930s until July 2005.

On July 5, 2005, a storm surge from Hurricane Emily opened Packery Channel during its second year of construction and eliminated a 300-ft wide section of sand. The channel remained open and navigable, and dredging resumed in January 2006 to allow barge access and facilitate construction activities. The channel now connects Corpus Christi Bay and Upper Laguna Madre to the Gulf of Mexico.

Construction Phases

PHASE 1: Restroom Facilities at Seawall Parking Lot COMPLETE

PHASE 2: Packery Channel Parking and Overlook COMPLETE

PHASE 3: Restroom Facilities at Packery Channel $2,066,00

PHASE 4: ADA Ramps to Jetties $274,000

PHASE 5: North Side Pavilion $1,281,200

PHASE 6: Administration & Maintenance Building $715,000

PHASE 7: Parking Lot Improvements at Jetty Ramp $879,000

Packery Channel Project Status Report

North Jetty Accessibility

Aerial Maps of Accessible Route to North Jetty