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Speed Humps Residential Traffic Management Program

View or download the Residential Traffic Management Plan effective 8/01/2012

Citizens, neighborhood groups and businesses can submit requests to the City for traffic calming devices, such as speed humps, traffic circles, diverters, and access restrictions.

The City of Corpus Christi has a Residential Traffic Management Program (RTMP), which is a collaborative effort of the Traffic Engineering Division and the Police Department to reduce the impact of traffic on neighborhoods. The RTMP provides a process for identifying and addressing problems related to speeding and cut-through traffic on residential streets. The mission of the RTMP is to enhance neighborhood safety and quality of life by working closely with neighborhoods to develop and implement innovative and effective traffic control solutions in the city's residential neighborhoods.

If someone is interested in making a request for a traffic-calming device such as a speed hump, they need to complete a Traffic Calming Device Petition and submit to the Traffic Engineering Division at City Hall, 1201 Leopard Street. Copies of these forms are available at the Traffic Engineering Office and on page 30 of the Speed Humps Guidelines.

After a request for a traffic-calming device has been received, City staff will conduct an initial investigation of the street's eligibility, following specific criteria. After an initial investigation by Traffic Engineering, the Fire and Police Departments review the petition and the street and subdivision information.

Speed Humps are used to slow vehicle speeds. They are placed either in a series or at spot locations to reduce speeds along a length of street. Speed humps cost approximately $1,500 to $2,000 each. The cost for speed hump installation (including signs, pavement markings, and if necessary, special features) may be shared between the City and the residents according to specific cost share criteria, or, if the prevailing traffic conditions are well above residential averages, there may be no cost to the residents. The City continually maintains speed humps at no expense to the street residents.

For more information, call the Traffic Engineering Office at 361-826-2489.

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