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Water Distribution System Standards

Standard Construction Specifications

City of Corpus Christi Standard Construction Specifications have been adopted and issued by the City Engineer for use on City Projects. City policy is to use the City Standards when applicable to a City project and City improvements in order to provide consistency and to simplify design, construction, and maintenance. It remains the design professional’s responsibility to ensure the suitability of these Standards for the specific project requirements and application. The design professional is solely responsible for the design submitted under his/her seal. If the design professional determines that the design mandates a change in or from these Standards, he/she needs to discuss the proposed changes with the Director of Engineering Services or his authorized representative prior to making the proposed change. Those Specifications which are identified by an asterisk in the Specifications Index are less commonly used older specs which have not been recently reviewed for use and may contain obsolete references or materials. The asterisked specs are pending future review and update. They are included for general reference only and should not be used without thorough review by the design professional to confirm applicability to the current project and specific authorization by the City.

2015-01-05 MEMORANDUM - Updates to City Standard Construction Specs, Details and Test Schedule.pdf

2015-01-25 General Summary of Updates to City Standard Construction Specs and Details.pdf

2015-03-25 MEMORANDUM - Updates to City Standard Construction Specifications.pdf

2015-06-03 MEMORANDUM - Revised City Curb, Gutter and SW Std Detail Sheet.pdf

2015-07-01 MEMORANDUM - Revised Specification 027602 Gravity Wastewater Lines.pdf

2016-11-14 MEMORANDUM - Revised WW Std Details, 025205 Pvmt Repair.pdf

2016-11-09 COCC Std Specifications Revision Summary.pdf